NFL Football Players Want You to Admire Their Bulging Biceps

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Yesterday, the New York Times devoted an entire sports article to the trend of NFL and NCAA football players wearing wristbands around their biceps.

Apparently, it is all for vanity. There is no medical reason to do it. High schools are concerned about this fashion statement because it is an unnecessary expense and yet another piece of equipment that refs have to police.

Goofy male attire that serves no purpose is not a new trend. I have to say that wristbands on the biceps reminds me of the fashion statement contained in the above YouTube.

Other things in my list of creepy male behavior includes: body waxing, lovingly-coiffed strange facial hair configurations, man earrings, designer man jeans, fashion t-shirts, tat sleeves, etc etc, ad nauseum, see pictures here. (link not the safest for work).

Basically anything that demonstrates that dudes are looking in the mirror way more than their women are.

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