NFL Fines Plaxico Burress $45K for, Well, a Lot of Stuff

Good news: it looks like Plaxico Burresswill play this weekend against the Steelers. Bad news: he has apparently learned nothing from his team-mandated two-week suspension.

Last Sunday against the the 49ers (Burress's second since getting in trouble with the bosses), the mercurial Giants wideout spent more time flapping his gums -- at officials, his head coach, anybody in earshot -- than actually making plays. He ended the day with three catches for 24 yards (including a touchdown grab), but now owes the league $45,000 for all his histrionics.

The New York Daily News' Ralph Vacchiano provides the details:

he Giants' No. 1 receiver, who is collecting fines lately at a seemingly record pace, was hit by the league for three different incidents in the Giants' win over San Francisco last Sunday. He was fined $20,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct, which also drew a 15-yard penalty from the officials after he questioned them for calling him for offensive pass interference. Then he was fined $20,000 more for his postgame comments about the officiating.

He was also fined $5,000 for throwing the ball into the stands after his lone touchdown in that game. And it's a good bet he probably was fined an additional amount by the Giants for cursing at Tom Coughlin as he walked off the field.

So what you're saying, Ralph, is that Burress seemingly learned a lot from his two-week vacation. To Plax's credit, it was a bogus pass interference call, but -- and I'm just thinking crazy here -- maybe Burress should try to avoid drawing attention to himself. You know, to mix it up. Or, he could just curse out his head coach. Either way works, really.

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