NBA Essentials: ‘Me & Stephon' Returns, So Does Tyson Chandler

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* "
Since the bus won't stop for us, we keep talking. And i try to to counsel Stephon with all my wisdom on how to handle his latest heartbreak with his not-quite-ex, The New York Knicks." -- fireballmcnamara

* "All my teammates are calling me back and they're all hyped. I got a call from Chris and one from D-West. Everybody was excited, saying: "We're so glad to have you back." Everybody was upset about the trade and now I'm coming back and we're all hyped up. So I'm telling them: "It's meant to be. It wasn't meant for us to be broken up. Now let's make this championship run." -- Tyson Chandler

* Steve Nash, on the fallout from the injury to Amare Stoudemire: "We traded Boris [Diaw] and we lose Amare so we lost two really good power forwards ... I think we'll win a lot of games. In 05-06, we had maybe our best year in many ways and Boris just fit in seamlessly and was outstanding. We don't have that now. Lou and Jared are capable of giving us great minutes but Boris was the type of guy you could really go to. We don't have a player like that." -- Paul Coro, Arizona Republic

* "Amidst the trade deadline today was this little tidbit about Spurs rookie, George Hill. I am pretty sure the Spurs Front Office isn't to pleased with these photos coming out. Guess the Spurs aren't boy-scouts afterall. Though the photos have been taken down, you can still read the comments about the photos. Memo to guys everywhere, don't send pics like this to your girl. She may use it against you in the future. -- Project Spurs

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