NBA Essentials: His Own Private Dunk-off

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I'll be the only one invited. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

* "A while ago, back when Myspace was more like Facebook and less like, I came across LaSalle Thompson's page in a random Pacers search. Assuming it was some sort of fan site, I sent a friend request. But instead of being accepted, I receive a not-at-all-friendly 'Who's this? Do I know you?'" -- Basketbawful.

* Ray Allen: "I always tell guys whether they like it or not, we're all political at some point because there is a line that we have to cross, and we're either on one side or the other on it." -- New York Times.

* Danilo Gallinari: ""I need to talk a little bit with them about that. Because it's not so good, the pronunciation. I will talk about that. As for the music, no, not so good." -- New York Daily News.

Inauguration Jordans for Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby, "Doratio Kane" cracks open the Jason Thompson popcorn case, and the TrueHoop Network launches. (Congrats, Henry and Kevin. And Doratio.)

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