Justin Tuck's iPod Stolen; Tatum Bell is Probably Preparing an Alibi

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It was probably as close to a perfect day as Justin Tuck could have had, Lombardi Trophy aside, but yesterday was marred by the theft of Tuck's iPod, which was missing when he returned to the locker room after doing the post-game media rounds.

Before that, Tuck had himself a pretty good day, singlehandedly feeding on the soul of the Rams' offense with three tackles, two sacks, a pass defense, and an interception that he returned 41 yards for a touchdown. Yeah, not bad.

Though obsessive music lovers such as myself would probably collapse into the fetal position and cry over the loss of the iPod (and don't get me started on if something were to happen to the external hard drive all my music is stored on; life just wouldn't be worth living without all the stuff stored on there), Tuck was probably assuaged by the fact that if he keeps playing as he's done so far this season, he'll be rewarded with a contract that could buy thousands of them.

And maybe, with another dominant Super Bowl win, he could convince Steve Jobs to pair up for commercials in an attempt to rival Seinfeld and Bill Gates.

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