Joba Was Getting Heckled at a Strip Club Before His DUI

On Sunday we found out that Joba Chamberlain spends his offseasons hanging out back at home in Lincoln, Nebraska. We also learned that he likes to spend his free time drinking a lot of alcohol, and then driving his car around town. Now drinking and driving is never a good thing to do, but at least Joba has a good excuse.

You see, he and some friends had been hanging out at a bar for most of the night when they realized that they're in Nebraska, and there are no hot women hanging out in bars in Nebraska. So their only logical course of action was to head to a local strip club where Joba was heckled by a Red Sox fan who also appreciates naked women gyrating on poles.

"Some guy yelled out, 'If you played for the Red Sox, you wouldn't be sitting here,'" clubgoer Gary (Bo) Bohaty said.

"That got a rise out of him," said Bohaty, owner of the Beacon Lounge, a bar next to the strip club. "[Joba] turned his head and said, 'What did you say?' and the guy yelled it out again."

As Chamberlain kept shouting back, one of the pitcher's friends got into a shoving match with the heckler, said the club's manager, who asked not to be identified.

Joba and his buddies then spent another hour and a half ogling the ladies before hitting the road and getting pulled over with a blood alcohol level over 1.5 times the legal limit. Which doesn't explain the $145 bar tab Joba and the boys racked up at the strip club. Things must be a lot cheaper in Nebraska, because in Chicago $145 is only enough to get you a bottle of Evian and a Miller Lite at a strip club.

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