Jared Jeffries Needs a Hyperbaric Chamber, Seeks T.O.'s Advice

Knick swinger Jared Jeffries snapped his leg during camp this week. It's an unfortunate turn for a player Mike D'Antoni had commended early on during auditions for The Resurrection of Madison Square Garden. As Jeffries seeks to hurry back lest he lose his spot to old hand Quentin Richardson, older hand Allan Houston or young buck Wilson Chandler, he made the logical next step: ask Terrell Owens for some advice on hyperbaric chambers. From the New York Daily News via Deadspin:

"We know each other through Brand Jordan (a division of Nike)," Jeffries said. "I texted a contact with them and T.O. had this same injury when he was with Philly. I'm going to get a hyperbaric chamber."

Why not just buy T.O.'s? "No, I'll buy my own," he said.

Hand-me-down hyperbaric chambers are for chumps. While we're on the subject of the Knicks, let's take a look at the latest live camp coverage from the extraordinary Posting and Toasting.

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