Isiah's Questionable Story Unravels Further

Just in case there was any question as to the veracity of Isiah Thomas' story that his daughter was the one who overdosed and he was just panicked from that, the police have released their report on the incident. The result? The 47-year-old man who a bucket of media outlets have reported to be Isiah Thomas ... that man wasn't breathing when police arrived.

In the report, a police officer says he went to the former Knicks coach's home in the Purchase section of Harrison around midnight Oct. 23 in response to a report of "(blank) not breathing."

"Upon my arrival I assisted (another officer) who was administering O2 to (blank) lying on the kitchen floor," the report said.

Thomas and his son have attempted to a) pin the 9-1-1 call on Isiah's teenaged daughter, and b) make it seem this has been blown out of proportion, that someone just wasn't feeling well.

If you're not breathing, requiring medics to administer oxygen and ship you to a hospital: that's a big deal. Those things don't happen if you're just not feeling well ... they happen when you're in danger of dying. The delusion involved in attempting to cover this up is staggering.

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