Is the President's Daughter Dating a Ranger?

I know Page Six at the New York Post isn't the most reliable of media sources, but fealty to my corporate overlords requires me to pass along the following tidbit that appeared in their pages Wednesday morning:

HAS a New York Ranger captured first daughter Barbara Bush's heart? Fans spotted Bush "dancing, drinking beers and cheering on" the team at Madison Square Garden Sunday night - in addition to sporting "two gold rings on her left ring finger." We're told Bush "recently became a die-hard Rangers fan and befriended a few of the players."

So is it true? Here at FanHouse we endeavor to uncover the heart of every story. Here's what I've found out.

I poked around the archive at Getty Images, and first caught sight of Bush photographed at MSG on March 25 during a game against the Philadelphia Flyers (see above). She was identified as being with a pair of guests on either side of her, a young man on her right and a young woman on her left, both obviously in their 20s. A close examination of other photos from that night seem to show a large ring on the ring finger of Bush's left hand, but it's impossible to identify it as an engagement ring.

Digging deeper into the archive, I found another picture of Bush with this same young man (see right), identified now as Derek Blasberg, a freelance fashion writer who is quite the man about town. The two were photgraphed together at a press event for Prada on February 5.

Next, through the magic of Google, we discovered that Blasberg wrote up a quick summary on New York Ranger Sean Avery's birthday party over at on April 10.

In attendance at the party was, you guessed it, Barbara Bush, along with a number of A-list guests including fellow Ranger Brendan Shanahan.

This kind of coverage isn't exactly a shock. Ever since Avery hit town last season, he's taken pains to be seen in New York society circles.

So what does this tell us? Not a whole lot, outside of the fact that the young Ms. Bush seems to have been traveling in team circles for a while now. As for being engaged, I think we have to hold off for something a little more official.

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