Giants Still Good … Rams Not So Much

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The defending champs looked a lot better than they did in week one. Of course, as the artist formerly known as Pac-Man would say, "they played the Rams, dude."

It looks like fantasy footballers are going to be licking their chops all season when they see "vs. STL" next to any of their players' names.

Seriously, what an absolutely disgraceful secondary. How can you blow coverage on Plaxico Burress? The Rams did on the first touchdown. Does Eli Manning really have business going 20-29 on the road? He's matured and grown into a very solid leader, sure, but he's not an elite passer. The Rams made him look like his brother ... on a good day.

I just don't think you can take anything positive away from these first two games in St. Louis, save for maybe the impending departure of Scott Linehan. Steven Jackson only got 13 carries, Marc Bulger didn't throw for 200 yards, the offensive line still is being manhandled, a defensive touchdown was allowed, and the DBs couldn't even cover a third-string running back.

It's gonna be a long year on the mighty Mississippi.

Some quick hit thoughts:

- How does Brandon Jacobs only get 15 carries? Seriously, what do you want? I know I'm biased because I have a man-crush on him, but he needs to have that rock at least 20 times a game to wear down the opposing defenses and keep that clock running.

- It's been a long time since Plaxico Burress has been healthy, but he appears to be now. Watch out, opposing corners (hey, maybe that's why no one was guarding him on that TD? Because it was less embarrassing than trying to guard him and getting schooled).

- Only 20 touches for Jackson. I understand when you are behind you have to throw more, but establishing the run early in the game could shorten the game and keep the pathetic defense off the field. It is imperative for the Rams to get him the football 30 times per game to have any chance of not being embarrassed.

- Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw combined for 203 yards on 28 carries. That's 7.25 per carry. It seems that I shouldn't concentrate so much on destroying the Rams pass defense ... I don't want to neglect the swiss cheese run defense. Allowing over seven yards a carry in the NFL is a debacle. A farce. And yes, this is obviously why Jacobs didn't get the ball more. I just want to see more of him plowing safeties, dammit.

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