Favre's House Is on the Market … And It Is Surprisingly Small (Oh. I See, Summer Home)

Everyone in America is trying to sell a house these days. And very often, we've seen cases where athletes homes are foreclosed upon. The former is the situation that Brett Favre, former quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, finds himself in.

And you would think, when considering Favre's accumulations of wealth over his career, that his house would be huge. Yet ... it's not. Ah, no wait, scratch that. It's just his football season house in Green Bay. Good Lord.

Here we are again with another sports celebrity selling a home in the town they used to play for. You might think that former Green Bay Parker quarterback Brett Favre would have one of the most lavish homes in the Green Bay area. You would be wrong.

[...]One of the Real Estalker's able commenters reports that Favre's main manse is in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and this is just the home he stayed in during the football season. He and his wife, Deanna bought the four-bedroom home in 2005 for $416,000 so it was likely just a temporary home in a town that he was planning not to stay in after he retired from football. This likely explains the decor which seems to have been shipped straight from the local furniture store. It is listed at just $475,000.

If you check out the photos of the house, you will be shocked at its unassuming nature. Which makes a lot more sense once you know that he didn't actually spend that much time there, and only owned the 500 grand worth of crib in order to cut down on his travel time from Lambeau to home.

A few photos after the jump -- the rest can be seen at the Luxist.

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