Despite Ankle Injury, Bret Favre Has His ‘Signature Gunslinger Swagger'

The last time we heard Brett Favre's name it was from a dejected Tony Kornheiser, who only mentioned the "most compelling story of the NFL season" a mere 22 times during Monday Night Football.

The cognitive dissonance must've been too much for the once-respected writer turned in-booth buffoon because not only did Kornheiser quit muttering Favre's name during the second half, he quit talking altogether. I can only assume that the ratings went through the roof even though the game was pretty much decided by that point.

No need to worry, Mr. Tony; Favre is fine. In fact, according to the Newark Star-Ledger, the Jets quarterback "was back behind center and walking with his signature gunslinger swagger at practice today, leaving no doubt he'll start on Sunday against the Cardinals."

Woo-hoo, season saved! Favre apparently suffered a twisted ankle during the Chargers game, but he's none the worse for wear as New York prepares for a pretty good Arizona team.

Favre, who walked with a noticeable limp on Wednesday, was jogging from drill to drill and had only the slightest hint of a limp. He fired passes to his wide receivers, pushing off his injured left ankle.

Yay for modern medicine, I guess. More impressive perhaps, is that the New York media hasn't yet crucified Favre for his play. According to Football Outsiders, he's less efficient than Aaron Rodgers, ahem, Chad Pennington, J.T. O'Sullivan and Kerry Collins, but, to his credit, still better than Matt Cassel and Kyle Orton. Not exactly what the Jets were looking for, but it's way too early to panic. Plus, what would that accomplish? Kellen Clemens would still be the backup, and all the arm-waving in the world won't bring Pennington back.

On the upside, first-round pick Vernon Gholston registered his first tackle of the season on Monday night. Greg Cosell, you've been put on notice, sir.

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