Curry's Still Fat and Gallinari's Still Hurt

Eddy Curry

Stephon Marbury may be a distraction at the Knicks' training camp, but perhaps he's a welcome distraction -- when you take a look at the rest of the roster, there are problems that a mere buyout can't solve.

Take, for instance, Eddy Curry. Despite knowing that he'd be running more than he's ever run in his life with Mike D'Antoni at the helm, he showed up to camp out of shape. And then, making matters worse, he's actually missed the first few days of camp after going viral -- and not in the good "Allan Houston on YouTube" kind of way.

He's been diagnosed with a bacterial infection that will keep him out of action until Thursday at the earliest. As D'Antoni pointed out, though, it may be a blessing in disguise:

"I heard he was throwing up and everything," D'Antoni said, "and that's a great way to lose weight."

Any sorority girl out there can tell you, D'Antoni speaks the truth. Unfortunately, not every ailment on the Knicks can be solved by a mere eating disorder.

Danilo Gallinari has been sidelined for months with a bulging disc in his back (a condition the Knicks previously tried to downplay as a "sore back") and is expected to miss not only all of training camp but also the entire preseason. Needless to say, any chance that the Rooster had to crack the rotation early in the year has officially been thrown out the window, providing even more fodder to a disgruntled fanbase that never wanted him in the first place.

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