Brett Favre Tells Tony Romo To Suck It Up (But Stay Positive)

As you may have heard, ESPN reported that ironman Brett Favre, called the injured (and not nearly as tough) Tony Romo yesterday to offer his condolences for his injured pinkie.

From the report, it seems like an extremely bizarre conversation, with most of the talk surrounding the toughness of the Dallas star. Favre offered up some of the things he told Romo, and to me at least, it comes off fairly condescending, but you be the judge:

"The only thing I said was, it's worth trying [to play] if you can deal with the pain and can function good enough with a splint,'' Favre said. "If not, don't try.''

So, if he can play, go ahead, and if he can't, then do not play? That's pretty intense stuff, are we sure Brett isn't a trainer?

Favre told Romo that his thumb injury "hurt like hell, but that doesn't mean a pinkie would be any easier.''

Could you imagine having a buddy do this to you? Why don't we just imagine you hurt your ear. You're strolling around with a mangled ear, it hurts like Hades and anytime you make a sudden movement you're scared it might fall off. Now, you have an older buddy that continually tells you that if you ever wanted to get in a fight, now is the time because he once got hit in the face while sporting a broken nose, and if he can do that, you can do this. Confused yet? I'm assuming that is because you're a wimp. Hey, don't get mad at me, Brett said it.

"I talked to Tony about what I did to play with the thumb,'' Favre said. "Everyone is different and the two injuries are different, so only Tony knows. I will say this: Not only do I think he's tough, but I think he's also one of the top five players in the entire league.''

So, if you think Tony is tough, what are you, Hercules? Would Mike Tyson, Butterball and Zeus stand no chance against the almighty that is Number 4?!? Beware measly humans, we are amongst a man that couldn't just crush rocks with his bare hands, he could do so with one or two broken fingers! All bow down before thee or thou shall be cursed to the River of Styx by our overlord Brett.

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