‘Boys Michael Jenkins Was Waiting for Somebody Else to Tackle Giants Derrick Ward

Yesterday I posted the moving pictures proof of Cowboys rookie cornerback Michael Jenkins pretending to be a statue while Giants running back Derrick Ward blew past him on his way to the end zone. To be fair, the game was already out of hand and perhaps in the spirit of self-preservation, Jenkins decided against risking injury.

Or maybe he just doesn't like contact. (Also acceptable: disoriented, hungover, narcoleptic, fatalistic).

"I was just waiting on the safety to make a play," Jenkins said. "It just looked different. I really can't explain it. ... I wasn't the only one there ... Everybody's pointing it out like it was me, but there was a safety back there, too."

Just to cover all the excuses, Jenkins also added that he thought he might knock down linebacker Kevin Burnett if he tried to tackle Ward so he opted against it. You know, in the spirit of togetherness and whatnot.

Regarding that "safety back there," that would be Courtney Brown who, as the Dallas Morning News' Tim MacMahon writes, "...has made a grand total of two tackles all season despite getting significant playing time. A wait on Brown to make a play could last more than a month."

So what you're saying, Tim, is that if Courtney Brown played quarterback we'd call him Brad Johnson.

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