Big East APR is Right Around the Average

According to the NCAA, if it wasn't for the "squad size adjustments" to the APR results this year, 43.6% of the Division 1 basketball programs would be under the Academic Progrees Rate (APR) this year (PDF, page 5). The Big East is a team worse than that average as 8 of the 16 basketball programs are under the 925 minimum score. The rankings are still incomplete as the APR is to be based on a rolling 4-year rankings, and this is only year three. Teams that are right around 900 are not penalized as there are "squad sized adjustments" to the figures. The NCAA expects that teams around 900 will reach the 925 floor by next year.

  1. Villanova 993
  2. Notre Dame 977
  3. Georgetown 970
  4. Syracuse 948
  5. Rutgers 943
  6. Providence 938
  7. UConn 934
  8. Marquette 927
  9. Seton Hall 921*
  10. Louisville 920*
  11. WVU 915*
  12. St. John's 909*
  13. Pitt 907*
  14. USF 898*
  15. DePaul 893*
  16. Cinci 838**

Cincinnati was penalized one scholarship for not even being close to the confidence level of the APR. Cinci apparently anticipated this, as they have not used all 13 of their allotted scholarships. While the blame will fall largely on former coach Bob Huggins, Cinci was really hurt by the firing of Huggins and the subsequent quitting and transfers of players afterwards.

DePaul could be at some risk since both Sammy Mejia and Wilson Chandler withdrew from school to focus on the draft. That will hurt them for retention points. It isn't about graduating, it's about finishing the semesters.

USF doesn't seem too concerned. Despite the firing of their coach this spring, there are no reports of players leaving or in academic problems.

Pitt feels it was thisclose this year. One player, Julius Page, finally graduated, but because he left for a couple semesters while trying to make the NBA, he didn't count in the score.

The Johnnies are a big question mark as they have lost a couple players this season. They appeared to be getting close after digging out from the mess Mike Jarvis made of things. This issue, may actually work in Coach Norm Roberts' favor to keep his job past next year. St. John's looks like it will be very close to the APR minimum. Firing Roberts could create more transfers and players leaving. Giving the school another black eye.

West Virginia will be fine for next year. It's the future with Bob Huggins in charge that will bear the closer scrutiny.

Louisville is in fine shape to be right in line by next year. The same can be said for Seton Hall. Both schools are very close.

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