And So It Begins: Will Brett Favre Retire After One Season in New York?

The Jets are 7-3, lead the AFC East, and are perfectly positioned for a return to the postseason after a four-win effort a year ago. So, naturally, we're talking about ... whether Brett Favre will return for 2009? Really?

The New York Post's Brian Costello writes that for as wonderful as last Thursday's overtime victory over the Patriots was, Jets fans shouldn't get used to the idea of having Favre around forever. Apparently, he really will retire one of these years. I'm skeptical.

"I haven't even thought about it," Favre said when the prospect of playing in 2009 came up. "I have people - friends, family - who ask me all the time about next year. The answer I give them, which is the honest answer, is I really don't know. To be totally honest with you, I really don't care. What I care about is trying to beat Tennessee."

Amazingly, Favre does admit that he can't play forever, which should come as news to Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. And even though the Jets acquired Favre with the understanding that it could be a one-and-done situation, depending on how the rest of the season plays out, it might well be worth it.

Of course, if New York misses the playoffs and Miami makes it (or even if the Dolphins don't and they win eight or nine games), then, well, the fans and media (obvious exceptions: Peter King, Tony Kornheiser, John Madden) could feel differently.

Prior to the Jets-Pats game, I wrote that the Dolphins made out best in the Favre trade, and I still feel that way. Certainly that could change, particularly if Favre decides to return next season. We should know more by next August. Early September at the latest.

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