Al Harrington Isn't One of Don Nelson's Dudes

Bay Area media types wrestled over the legitimacy of Al Harrington's reported trade request the last few days. On Wednesday, any lingering questions about whether Harrington wants out were squelched as, erm, Harrington told Marcus Thompson III of the Contra Costa Timeshe wants out.

By itself, that's not terribly exciting. But Harrington's reasons sure pry open the Golden State Pandora's box a little bit.

"I don't think me and Coach is going to work out - because I feel like he uses me in certain ways and I don't think that's going to change. We all know how Nellie is. We all know his history. If you're not one of his dudes, you ain't never going to be one of his dudes. And that's the truth."

For his part, Don Nelson questions how any player could be unhappy in his system, where you're allowed to shoot as soon as you cross mid-court. Nellie simplifies things a little too much in that assessment: isolation basketball (Harrington's strength) isn't the same as Helter Skelter run-and-chuck (Nellie's system). But Nelson is correct in noting that Harrington should be happier with the Golden State way than most other systems.

The most interesting trade rumor at this point is a bit related to this discussion. Tim Kawakami says the Knicks have offered Eddy Curry for Harrington, but the Warriors are pushing for David Lee and salary scraps. Mike D'Antoni sells an offense more disciplined than the system in Oakland ... but I'm not sure Harrington would end up doing more than chucking threes regardless.

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