Everybody Loves Strahan!

"Piss off, Yoko!"

This is the money-line that sets off an action comedy sequence between former defensive end turned rumored future sitcom star Michael Strahan and the stars of "Chuck".

It's an important clip because it's one of the few, if not only, public records of the Giants sack leader actually, you know, acting. So take a good look, because that's what Fox executives are doing to insure you stay engorged on quality television programming.

In the meantime, we know that if Strahan's show is going to avoid getting, um, sacked, he's going to need some help. So we've drawn up a list of possible co-stars, scenarios, and show names.

Brett Favre: Favre and Strahan would be a producer's dream pairing; you get to play with the black-white interracial theme, as well as midwest farm boy vs. city slicker narrative. Make the two attention-whoring future Hall of Famers become roommates in a California condo, and you have a nice fish-out-of-water scenario in which to watch the hijinx ensue!

Tangentially Related Show Name:

Welcome Back, Kotter

Welcome Back, Favre

Tiki Barber
: The clean-cut dapper Tiki also comes from the Giants scool of athlete-broadcasters, and would seemingly make a nice uptight Felix Unger type for an "Odd Couple" like premise. Eli Manning comes over to play poker and get made fun of on Thursdays. 

Tangentially Related Show Name: 

The King of Queens

The King of Giants

Osi Umenyiora
: At this point in his career, Osi may not be far from hanging it up to join Tiki and Michael in the broadcast booth. These two could reprise their roles as mentor and protege, but now as single bachelors living in the city. The word "sacks" must be in the show name, i.e. "Sacks and the City".

Tangentially Related Show Name:

The Facts of Life

The Sacks of Life

Vince Young & Michael Vick: The next and best move for these two mobile quarterbacks could be television. These three could provide an edgier HBO sensibility, with the brooding and troubled Young combining with the illegal shenanigans of Vick to give viewers a glimpse into the dark pathos of NFL stardom. Strahan's ugly divorce and settlement would moved into focus for this gritty drama.

Tangentially Related Show Name:

Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half QB's

Terry Tate: Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Unbelievable funny. This would be the promo tagline for the show that pairs office linebacker Terry Tate and Strahan in the office of some financial investment firm. There would be no bailout for the pain money managers receive when they drop the ball in handling people's stocks.

Tangentially Related Show Name:

The Office

The Office Blitz

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