Isiah Did Not Have It Coming

When they heard about Isiah Thomas's bizarre overdose on Friday, many Knick fans no doubt had a moment when they wondered why he couldn't have done that before signing Jerome James. As the details started to come out, though, whatever bad feelings I had were replaced with sympathy for the man and his family. Clearly he isn't well, and the fact that he would needlessly pull his daughter into this mess just make it clearer that he needs serious help.

Thing is, when you've made a million enemies on your way up there are going to be a million knives out to stab you on the way down. Anucha Browne Sanders, she of the successful sexual harassment suit against Thomas, is one of the more justifiably aggrieved parties. Still, did she have to go to the press (see today's Post 'Isiah Had It Coming' headline) and gloat about Isiah's overdose? "Callous" is probably too kind a word.

Isiah Thomas is ruined. He probably wasn't getting another basketball job before this and, now, he's going to find it hard to do much of anything again. He's still a human being, though, and is going to have to keep living and he's got a family that presumably loves and cares about him. That's enough to give him a little space to start getting better.

In her interview, Sanders said that "if he's not mentally stable, I'm not going to say anything to make it worse." Then she spends a lot of time saying things to make it worse. Heaping abuse at this point isn't getting revenge. Sports fans, whether they admit or not, have had a similar weekend of sadistic glee thanks to Thomas. Let's repay him by offering him and his family some peace and quiet.  

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