Devin Harris: the Best Point Guard in the East

If people had been sleeping on how Devin Harris has come on recently for the New Jersey Nets, their eyes are probably wide open after Harris dropped 47 on the dome of two-time MVP Steve Nash on Sunday.

Harris, the primary commodity acquired when the Nets traded away Jason Kidd, is now among the top five scorers in the NBA, and has put up 30 points or more in six of his last 10 games  That, as the kids say, is serious swag. He's not only outscoring his superstar teammate Vince Carter, but his previous superstar teammate, former MVP Dirk Nowitzki. Keep playing at this level and people may start treating him like a superstar

Devin isn't just torching no-names, here are the guys he's put a 30-spot on: Chauncey Billups, Mike Bibby (twice), Jose Calderon, Deron Williams, and now Nash.  Granted Williams and Nash were just coming back off injuries, and aside from Billups none of these guys will be candidates for the All-Defensive team, even when healthy; but clearly the Nets point man has developed a competitive edge that raises his game a level when he's playing the best. 

And speaking of "the best," with the departure of Billups and Kidd to the Western Conference the title of best point guard in the East is up for grabs, and it's difficult to argue for anyone as better than Harris. Within the division, only Jose Calderon compares, and he lacks the explosive scoring ability.  After that, among players who have completed a full season, veterans Mike Bibby, T.J. Ford and Andre MIller are at the top of the list and don't distinguish themselves as any better for the experience.

Rookie Derrick Rose is commanding a fair amount of attention, and certainly has the tools to spar with Harris; but for all the discussion about Rose being unguardable, the kid running New Jersey these days is looking fairly tough to defend as well.

Don't look now, but even after trading away Kidd the Nets still have the best point guard in the Eastern Conference.

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