Darryl Strawberry Wrote a Book

What is there left to say about the 1986 Mets? The drinking, the drugs and the fights have all been covered in exhaustive, and often entertaining, detail. The only area that has been left somewhat to the imagination are the sexual peccadillos of the players. Thanks to Darryl Strawberry, however, we can now fully imagine what it was like to wear orange and blue in the mid-80's.

For example, did you know that Mets players had a private room where they could take willing fans for in-game oral sex? And that their devotion to teamwork knew no bounds? Strawberry relates one instance when he saw a teammate's choice of a between innings pick-me-up.

"I was jealous," Strawberry writes. "When I saw her heading back to her seat, I gave her a sign. She smiled, turned right back around, and met me in that same little room . . . I had to be quick and run back out on the field."

Given everything we already knew about those Mets, it's not exactly a shocking revelation, although it may have caused a mom in Queens to drop her coffee when she cracked open the Post this morning to find the details of her crazy day at Shea Stadium laid bare for the world to see.

Is it strange that this all seems somehow innocent at this point? Maybe it's that Wednesday morning also brought news of Roberto Alomar's AIDS sex case, or that the stories sound more like the antics of college kids than the depressing calculated nature of steroid use. Perhaps innocent isn't the right word, but the bad old days don't actually sound so bad compared to the current state of affairs. 

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