Cheap Seats All But Gone at Yankee Stadium

Yankee single-game tickets went on sale to the general public on Wednesday, but the general public won't have a lot of luck scoring them if they aren't willing to pay through the nose. After pre-sales for those who purchased season ticket packages of various lengths and another one for lucky winners of a lottery, only the most expensive seats in the house are still available for purchase.

For two games selected because of unappealing opposition, June 17th against the Nationals and June 30th against the Mariners, we searched each of the different sections. The cheapest available pair of seats on Ticketmaster would run you $375 each at field level. Nothing in the bleachers, grandstand, terrace or main sections is available.

Neil Best of Newsday ran similar tests and didn't come up with anything on the affordable side either. He did find a $90 seat available for an August date with the Blue Jays, however. It's behind the left field foul pole, and, like all these seats, comes with the various charges applied by Ticketmaster for purchasing the tickets.

The Yankees have taken a lot of flak for the price structure of the Stadium, which is admittedly quite expensive at the top end. There are several affordable options in the park, but the supply could never come close to meeting the demand caused by fewer seats and that steep rise for the best seats.

Lonn Trost, the Yankees CEO, maintained recently that people aren't buying the most expensive tickets because they don't want to be seen spending such extravagant amounts during a recession. He also said the prices weren't going to change, even if it meant having empty seats in the line of sight of television cameras.

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