Jets Aim to Turn Over New Leaf Against Bills

Remember all those times you swore you’d never pay to see the Jets, especially in lost seasons like this one? Well, now you don’t have to.

Tickets to tonight’s rescheduled game vs. the Bills are free. Of course, you’ll need either a plane ticket to Detroit or the willingness to make the 600-mile drive from the New York metro area. And, to answer the obvious question, unfortunately the beer isn’t free too.

The game at Ford Field is said to be a sellout (not sure how they can call it that when nothing was actually sold), and it will be interesting to see the composition of the crowd. Buffalo is a mere 250 miles from Ford Field, and while no one has voluntarily visited Detroit in decades, the Motor City will probably look like Tahiti to Buffalonians who have spent the past week shoveling snow taller than they are and, with warmer temperatures, are now awaiting a flood. The locusts are expected tomorrow.

A size able amount of local fans will likely be on hand tonight—did I mention tickets are free?—and that turnout may result in an advantage for the Jets.

Detroit fans aren’t too happy with Buffalo defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who rubbed it in earlier in the season when he asked his charges to carry him off the field following a Bills win over the Lions. Note to Schwartz, who must have felt like he was unjustly axed in Detroit after losing 6 of his last 7 games as the Lions’ head coach in 2013: if you need to ask your players to do something like that instead of them doing so on their own, you may not be a match for Knute Rockne in the inspirational leadership department. What do the Lion defenders have to do next, watch videos from Schwartz’s last family vacation?

Unlike Gang Green, the Bills still have something significant to play for, as, at 5-5, they have a slim shot at the postseason with six games to go. Their defense remains stalwart, and their pass rush is fierce, with the team’s 39 sacks tops in the NFL.

Their offense, meanwhile, remains a mess. Buffalo has scored just 18 offensive touchdowns in their 10 games, and five of those came in the first match-up against the Jets, who in that game essentially turned the ball over on every other down.

With Michael Vick as the starting QB, the Jets are taking better care of the ball. If they can continue that trend tonight, they can turn back the Bills. 

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