Brodeur Sets NHL Win Mark, Then Loses Court Battle

Judge says goaltender must pay $500K per year until 2020

Days after breaking the NHL record for wins by a goalie, a New Jersey appeals court has dealt the Devils' Martin Brodeur an alimony setback.

The court ruled that Brodeur must pay his ex-wife $500,000 a year until 2020.

A lower court originally awarded Brodeur's ex-wife, Melanie DuBois, limited alimony.

Brodeur appealed, asking that he only be required to pay alimony until he retires, which he estimated to be in 2012. DuBois asked for alimony payments until 2024, when their youngest is anticipated to graduate from college.

The court ordered Brodeur to pay alimony until 2020, the year the youngest child graduates high school.

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