Brett Favre's Not Thinking About Next Year, But the Jets Should Be

Last Thursday was the first night that Brett Favre felt like a Jet, in a good way anyway. At 7-3 and improving every week, the prospects for this season are very bright. That makes it very hard to think about anything beyond Sunday at Tennessee.

Except that it's also hard to forget the circumstances that brought Favre from Green Bay to Gang Green. That's why he was discussing next year with reporters after practice today.

"I don't see how anyone, aside from you guys, can focus on next year when what we're trying to do right now is win and do something this year," Favre said. "I'm 39 years old. I know the better days are behind me, for the most part. There won't be 16 more years or 17 more years. I'm trying to enjoy and help this team win now."

That's good. You don't want your quarterback thinking about what happens next year, let alone next week, when you're in the middle of the season. Thing is, though, someone's gotta mind the store while everyone is out enjoying themselves.

The Jets absolutely need to know as soon as possible what Favre plans to do in 2009. They aren't the Packers and don't have someone ready and waiting in the wings to take his place. Kellen Clemens, you say? He couldn't beat out Chad Pennnington and didn't distinguish himself last season, so that's hardly a safe bet. Even if you do have faith in Clemens, you need to sign a veteran backup/challenger for the spot so that you're covered if he washes out again.

But you can't do that if you get drawn into the long dance with Favre in the offseason. Expecting him to say yes or no right now is unrealistic, but you still need to have an idea. Getting drunk on success in 2008 will lead to a nightmarish hangover in 2009 otherwise.

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