Brett Favre: I Feel the Same Way as Last Year

For whatever reason, the Jets front office decided that Brett Favre did enough good things for them to ask him to return in 2009. Perhaps it is because they think a second year of Favre may do more to justify the trade that brought him to New York, or perhaps it is just lip service, but they said they'd wait for him to make his decision about when he'd like to return.

That's looking more and more like a mistake. Favre spoke with Al Jones of the Biloxi Sun-Herald and indicated that he's going to play this offseason the same as the last one. “I feel the same way as last year,’’ he said. “I will take some time and make my decision. I do know that I enjoy being at home.’’

If he feels the same way as last year, he should be retiring shortly only to make himself a nuisance once the Jets are getting ready to start training camp. Even if he puts off the first step a bit longer, the Jets can't be breaking in a new coach and, hopefully, offensive system without any idea about who's playing quarterback.

In the interview Favre said he wished he played better and paid lip service to the idea that he's a team player. It would seem that if those things were true, he would want to get to work as soon as possible to make sure that he and the team were better on the next go-round. The last thing such a player would want to do is hold up his team's planning and ensure that he's unprepared when he finally chooses to return, right?

Sadly, wrong seems to be the right answer. “When I got traded, I thought it was worth a try," Favre said.

Worth a try? An odd way to phrase it when you take into account Favre's role in forcing the trade away from the Packers, and an insight into how connected Favre feels to the Jets.

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