Brandon Jacobs Branches Out Into Boxing

Jacobs managing fighters as a side business

Even though he signed a four-year contract with the Giants this winter, Brandon Jacobs isn't wasting any time preparing for life after football. Jacobs has started moonlighting as a boxing manager, with plans to expand his business once he's done on the gridiron. 

The career choice makes sense. Right now, Jacobs profits from treating his body like a battering ram in search of yards and touchdowns. Making money off of other people putting their own bodies through hell is a natural fit, and you'd expect that Jacobs would be more respectful of what boxers put themselves through than the stereotypically callous ones we're more familiar with. 

"I've been wanting to get into the business after I was done playing," Jacobs said. "If I didn't fight, I wanted to get into the promotion business, but I hear from people that's a lot of headaches. So I wanted to do something that was more personable with the fighters."

Jacobs boxed as an amateur while growing up in Louisiana which explains his interest in the sport, but it is a bit surprising that boxing is his choice over the rapidly growing world of mixed martial arts. There are already many overlaps between football and MMA.
When Jay Glazer isn't working for FOX Sports, he's an MMA trainer who has worked with many pro football players, most recently helping whip Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart into shape. The UFC's popular "The Ultimate Fighter" show on Spike TV will feature four former NFLers in its 10th season, and other former football players have fought professionally. 

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