Bills May Represent Last Chance for the Jets to Prove Themselves

It may be symptomatic of Jet fandom to look at a team with a 4-3 record and see nothing but flaws. Pessimism has long reigned supreme around Gang Green. They don't see the need for a tweak here or there, they see wholesale problems befitting a winless club.

Even if those feelings are too negative, though, it's realistic to say that a loss to the Bills this weekend will make it hard for the Jets to make anything out of this season.  The last three games, against teams with a 3-19 record, were 180 minutes full of mistakes and blown assignments that make it hard to believe in the Jets as a real contender. In the only games this season when they were underdogs, the Jets lived down to the term which further calls into questiont their fitness for inclusion on the list of good teams.

That's a spot where you need your leaders to step up which lands us back in the same place as just about every other story about the Jets this season. You traded for Brett Favre to win games like this for you, because you felt the guys you had couldn't get the job done. It hasn't quite worked out that way thus far. It isn't that hard to imagine the Jets with the same record through this point in the season with Chad Pennington as the QB and it wasn't hard to forecast a .500 season if the Jets hadn't gone the Favre route.

This is the week where he can swing things in his favor. Buffalo's executed better against a similar schedule, but they and the Jets are closely matched in terms of talent. The Jets have a golden opportunity this Sunday if they can put the sloppiness to bed and play 60 minutes of good football. More than any other player, it falls on Favre to make that happen.

A win ties them with Buffalo, perhaps others, at the top of the Wild Card food chain. A loss, though, will make it quite hard to believe that they are capable of playing the level of football needed to make anything of this season. 

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