Mixed Team Snowboard Cross

CT's Lindsey Jacobellis Gets 2nd Gold, Wins Mixed Team Snowboard Cross With Nick Baumgartner

It's a golden week for Lindsey Jacobellis!

The Connecticut native won her second gold medal of the Winter Olympics, as she and Nick Baumgartner won the first-ever gold medal in mixed team snowboard cross.

Two of the most "seasoned" members of Team USA, Jacobellis, 36, was previously the oldest medal winner in the Beijing Olympics — until the 40-year-old Baumgartner topped her with Friday's thrilling win. The oldest duo in the competition used their experience and expertise to prove that it's never too late to accomplish your goals.

Jacobellis also won the women's snowboard cross gold medal, 16 years after finishing second in a heartbreaking race.

Mixed team snowboard cross was making its Olympic debut at the 2022 Beijing Games, and it did not disappoint in terms of action. Every race from the quarterfinals through the finals were exciting and close, as the snow came down at Genting Snow Park, also known as Secret Garden.

In a final that included Canada and two teams from Italy, Baumgartner was first down the course for the men, who go first in the event. It was a small advantage over the rest of the competitors, as all finished less than a second apart — but it was all Jacobellis needed to claim her second gold medal in 72 hours.

There’s no disputing gold medalist Lindsey Jacobellis is one of the top snowboarders in the world, but she would also like people to know she’s really good at organizing. “Label-makers are my things,” Jacobellis said.

After the Canadian and one of the Italian athletes wiped out, in the middle of the race, it became a two-person race for first and second. Jacobellis was able to reel in the Italian competitor, and didn't relent. She crossed first, with a difference of just a fifth of a second between her and second place.

The Italian team of Omar Visintin and Michela Moioli came in second and the Canadian duo of Eliot Grondin and Meryeta O’Dine finished third.

All Of Jacobellis' Snowboard Cross Runs from the Women's Competition At Her Fifth Olympics

Watch how Lindsey Jacobellis secured her first snowboard cross gold at her fifth Olympics. The win was also the United States' first gold medal at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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