Ba-Dum-Dum-Dum, Another Met Bites the Dust

Oliver Perez becomes the latest victim of the 2009 Mets curse

Good people can agree to disagree about certain points of President Obama's proposed health care reforms. Public options appeal to some, universal single-payer plans to others but no one can dispute the notion that there can be no Met option in the final legislation. It would surely bankrupt our country and overload our nation's hospitals with players from a team that should have been sent in front of a death panel long ago.

At this point, some bright bulb in the Mets front office has likely come up with a form letter to inform the public of the latest injured Met.

(Insert Name Here) met with Mets doctors today to examine his injured (Insert Body Part Here). The doctors determined that (Insert Name Here) needs (Insert Body Part Here) surgery and will miss (Insert Duration Here).

Today's winning words are Oliver Perez, knee, and the rest of the season. That makes an unlucky 13 Mets on the disabled list at present with salaries in execess of $85 million. Despite all of that, there's no truth to the rumor that the Mets will replace the letter T in their name with the Red Cross logo.

While Mets fans have been pained by this entire season, Perez's loss won't be met with many tears. When last seen in uniform on Sunday, Perez was being pulled with two outs in the first inning after running up a 3-0 count on Pedro Martinez. That would have been his 59th walk in 66 innings this season, a remarkable return on the three-year, $36 million investment Omar Minaya made in him over the winter.

That leaves a starting rotation of Mike Pelfrey, Tim Redding, Nelson Figueroa, Bobby Parnell and Pat Misch. Ladies and gentleman, your 2009 New York Mets!

Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City and is a contributor to and in addition to his duties for

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