Anquan Boldin and Eli Looked Good Together

You may have missed the fourth quarter of the Pro Bowl on Sunday, something which you'll have to make your peace with, and didn't see Eli Manning and Anquan Boldin hook up for a couple of passes, including a 24-yarder that set up the game-winning touchdown. They seemed to have a nice rapport for two guys who practiced for a couple of hours. 

Manning was also picked off looking for Boldin on a deep throw to the end zone, something that must have opened a few eyes with the Giants. That was just the sort of pass play that was absent from their offense after Plaxico Burress left the team, and Boldin would make a pretty good replacement. Earlier in the week, Boldin said he didn't "think the relationship can be repaired" with the Cardinals, with whom he's feuded about a new contract. During the Pro Bowl, he spoke with NBC and didn't waver much from his earlier comments.  

"We will see what happens in the next couple weeks," Boldin said. "I still love playing with those guys in the locker room, I still love the fans out in Arizona. My whole thing is with the organization and no one else."

That should have the Giants figuring out what stance to take in regard to Boldin. Despite what the team's said and what other players have lobbied for, they aren't getting back together with Burress. He and the players' union have filed a grievance to try and stop the Giants from withholding and recouping monies he was owed. They are also arguing about future monies, arguments that are sure to sour an already bad relationship and make any return a pipe dream. 

The Cardinals have to figure out a new deal for Kurt Warner, and they've got several key free agents on their defense which will make finding money for Boldin difficult. They'd probably prefer dealing him outside of the conference, if possible, but the Giants should be one of the teams making a bid. 

Money shouldn't be an issue. Once Burress is off the books, they can give his salary to Boldin, so that's the first half of the equation. The second half is what they'd have to deal in a trade. That's harder to figure. The Cowboys gave up a first, third and fifth-round pick to get Roy Williams and that was in a vacuum. The Giants will have competition, perhaps even from their rivals in Philly who are armed with a pair of first-round picks and a good and superflous cornerback in Lito Sheppard.

The Eagles have never been keen on big-time wideouts, but their window is almost closed and they need one to make a run for the Lombardi Trophy. If they go all in and make a play for Boldin, the Giants may find that they don't have the chips to match the move.

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