Al Trautwig Really Enjoys “Lost”

Al Trautwig is no stranger to the New York sports fan. It seems like we've been watching his hairline reced at every MSG sporting event since before Spike Lee made "She's Gotta Have It." On top of his Knicks and Rangers work, he's covered just about every other team in town at one point and makes room to cover the Winter Olympics and anything else remotely athletic. You'd think someone who had that much on his plate wouldn't have time to be an obsessive fan of the TV show "Lost," but you'd be very, very wrong

It may be a stretch, but is there any chance that Madison Square Garden is Trautwig's very own version of the island? Couldn't you see him searching the bowels of the arena after games in search of the giant captain's wheel that will finally allow him to leave and return to whatever world he left behind? 

Seriously, though, it's cool that MSG gives Trautwig a platform to show off his non-sports side. Now let's try the same thing, only with Walt Frazier offering his thoughts. Alas, swishing and dishing through the timestream with Clyde would probably be more than the internets could handle.

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