Lebron and the Knicks — A Perfect Match

The Knicks and Lebron James. Lebron James and the Knicks. Let's admit it, they are made for each other.
I just witnessed his pre-game press conference at the Garden with 100 members of the media in a tiny room.
I asked the first question. "Lebron, do you want to play for the Knicks...someday?"
Well, he really can't answer the question because he is under contract with Cleveland until 2010. But it is the question, which needed to be asked. And he answered it masterfully. "Right now, I am concerned with one thing -- helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win a championship." Well done, Lebron. You'll fit in perfectly in New York.
I see some Jeter in Lebron. He is smart and classy. He knows who he is and what he could become. And what he could become is a mega-star in New York.
Lebron, my advice to you is head to Broadway.
This will become a basketball crazy city again. It is the Mecca of sports as we speak! You can win anywhere, but this is the only place to really win. If you do, you will be an icon -- forever. And Lebron, even though you'll have to take less money for a contract here -- you'll make up for it with endorsements.
Lebron negotiated Tuesday night’s 15 minute media session, the way he navigates through defenders on the hardwood -- cleverly, brilliantly and with style and grace. He can handle this media pressure every night, I am sure.
July 1, 20010 cannot come fast enough for Knicks fans. Oh, that's the day Lebron officially becomes a free agent.
He's known as the king now but if he wants to blaze a truly legendary trail, he needs to bring his amazing act to Broadway.
At the Garden, it was a press conference for the ages.

Lebron is a player for the ages. Somehow these two parties need to get together -- in 2010 - and for years thereafter!

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