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Your New York Sports Christmas Gift Guide

What to get for all the local teams, players and coaches



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    Have you wrapped up your Christmas shopping yet?

    Probably so, given that we're less than 24 hours away from the big day, but did you remember to get something for Tom Coughlin? What about Amar'e Stoudemire, CC Sabathia or David Wright? Didn't think so. We always forget someone on the list.

    Have no fear, though. We've put together this handy little guide to help you get just the right thing for the New York sports figure on your list.

    Stoudemire: A lifetime unlimited Metrocard seems like a fair gift for a man who has brought so much joy back to the city.

    Rex Ryan: A DVD of "Footloose."

    Matt Dodge: A map of a football field with the sidelines clearly marked.

    The Rangers: A slow-down in the rest of the sports world so people notice how well they've been playing thus far.

    The Devils and Islanders: No slow-down whatsoever lest anyone actually pay attention to the rancid play of these two teams.

    Brian Cashman: Why, Cliff Lee, of course. Oh, right...

    Coughlin: A deal to film his own exercise tape based on his sideline gyrations. Call it "Exasperationrobics."

    Sabathia: He's dropping weight, so how about a gift certificate to the local Slighly Less Big and Tall Man's Shop?

    Carlos Beltran: The knees of a younger Carlos Beltran.

    Oliver Perez: A skydiving trip, parachute optional.

    Derek Jeter: The DeLorean from "Back to the Future" set to the end of last season so that he can avoid the contract negotiations that forever ruined the pedestal he was placed on by his adoring public. 

    Eli Manning: Body language classes taught by anyone other than his older brother. 

    Wright: The patience to hold out long enough to play for another winning Mets team. 

    Walt Frazier: Word-a-day calender sewn together into a suit.

    Joe Girardi: A six-pack of yoga classes.

    Michael Kay: Humility and honesty lessons from Vin Scully.

    Carmelo Anthony: Check back in 2011.

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