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Your Monday Afternoon Darrelle Revis Holdout Update

It's all Al Davis's fault



    Your Monday Afternoon Darrelle Revis Holdout Update
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    We're into the second week of the Darrelle Revis holdout, which officially makes it time for a splashy logo and dedicated theme song to play whenever we check in on what's new between the Jets and their best defensive player. Let's start the music as we start with a deadline of sorts.

    Revis will lose a year of service time if he does not show up at camp on Tuesday. It's 30 days before the start of the season, a number that seems to flash in a more urgent shade of red with every passing day, and if Revis doesn't show up he'll remain on his third year of the five, assuming there's no change in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, you need for free agency. A pretty steep threat if you're entering the fifth and final year of your contract.

    Revis, however, is only entering the fourth year of his deal and he has two more years to go after 2010. He's looking to make that contract obsolete, obviously, but the deadline is obsolete anyway. Revis is under contract through his sixth year, which means he is under absolutely no pressure to play under his current deal because it won't make him a free agent any sooner. It's an artificial deadline and not one that's going to make a whit of difference for a guy looking to hit the home run that Revis is swinging for.

    The fact that Revis is far away from becoming a free agent hurts him in another way. He's trying to become the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL, ahead of the $15.1 million Nnamdi Asomugha will make this season. Asomugha had reached free agency when he signed his deal, however, and there was a risk that he wouldn't be with the team in the future. Revis's absence threatens the Jets, no doubt, but not from a contractual point of view.

    Unsurprisingly, the Jets are keen making the Asomugha contract an outlier. They take a slightly different route to that conclusion, selling the idea that they shouldn't be made to suffer for Al Davis's decisions. Gary Myers of the Daily News speaks to some NFL types who buy that line of reasoning, although they also accuse the Jets of playing both sides of the ball when Rex Ryan talks about Revis in glowing terms all the time.

    "I've been with coaches who do that. It just absolutely kills you. What does it serve other than the coach's relationship with the player to do that? It's terrible for business. Now they use it against you. That's like having a hand of four aces and you put it down on the table and show everybody. How big a pot are you going to win now? It is absolutely stupid. He's put the kid on such a pedestal."

    So, basically, very little has changed. Meanwhile, Antonio Cromartie's getting some rave reviews and LaDainian Tomlinson impressed at a scrimmage over the weekend. That should be good news but it somehow comes with a dark tinge because those things don't matter much if Revis isn't around when things start counting.  

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