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Mariano Rivera Says Yes to 2013

Rivera wants another try at this retirement tour business



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    We should be seeing this again soon enough.

    Mariano Rivera is

    going to come back

    for 2013. 

    Most of you probably assumed that would be the case, what with Rivera saying he would return soon after he tore his ACL while shagging flies in the outfield before a game in Kansas City in May (it still hurts to watch that).

    Doubt was cast by Brian Cashman about Rivera's commitment recently, however, and the subject had been of some interest with Rafael Soriano opting out of the final year of his contract.

    What's sort of interesting about that last part is that Rivera's doubt about continuing and Saturday's announcement about wanting to continue to play both came from Cashman and not Rivera. Given the $14 million price tag Soriano carried for next season and the Yankees' much-discussed desire to keep payroll from swelling, it's almost as if he wanted to be sure Soriano didn't decide to stick around. 

    Given that Soriano's agent is Scott Boras, who never met a player he didn't want to guide through free agency, all of that wouldn't have been necessary anyway. Boras is saying that the Yankees are a viable landing spot for Soriano, in part because of the way he saved them after Rivera's injury. 

    That's true, but the Yankees probably aren't handing out another multi-year deal to Soriano under any circumstances outside, perhaps, of an inability to reach agreement on a deal with Rivera. Such things aren't impossible -- even if picturing Rivera in another uniform is -- but there's almost no chance that the Yankees and Rivera don't figure out a way to get back together for another year.

    Even with questions of age and the severity of his injury, he's still Rivera and there's none of the adversarial stances we saw when Derek Jeter had to sign a new deal. Until there's reason to think otherwise, you can put Rivera back in the Yankee bullpen. 

    And then all will be right in one little corner of the world once more. 

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