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Who's Saying What About Eddy Curry?

Blogosphere abuzz about Knicks big man



    Who's Saying What About Eddy Curry?
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    Eddy Curry is facing an embarrassing lawsuit.

    Below is a quick sampling of what's being written in the blogosphere this morning about Knicks forward Eddy Curry, who was slapped with a gay sex lawsuit Monday.

    On the Yahoo blogs:

    + hizzle15 -- THIS IS THE WORK OF A CLEVELAND CAVALIER ASSOCIATE..they tryna get sum bad publicity out dere making it harder to trade curry so the cavs wont lose lebron.

    + A Laker Baller -- he should be out of the roster too with starbury.. its a bad image again to NYK. the NYK organization is building a good image to the public now with their new leader/coach mike d'antoni. ;-) they should buyout he's contract. how much do you think??? a dollar maybe?

    + ivan -- although the knicks had some bad publicity up to now, i don't think this is true.

    + #1 Mama -- the Knicks can't seem to catch a break on bad publicity.Larry Brown,Anucha Saunders,Isaih,Marbury,Dolan,interns and now their team mascot,the hard working Eddie Curry joins the fray.Maybe it's just bad luck.

    + hans k -- If it's true, Curry is more stupid then we thought.

    + Meat Sword -- The driver being a convicted felon for burglary makes it even more possible that is is a lie. If it does turn out to be false then the driver is even more stupid than Curry for thinking anyone would believe this.

    + Johnny Y -- real or fake, this is hilarious.

    And on Twitter:

    + jtaustein: I hear Eddy Curry is looking for a new driver. Anyone interested?

    + daymap: Somebody needs to hijack Eddy Curry's iTunes.

    + itsallj: I'm reading this NYT article about the Eddie Curry harassment allegations. Wow... just... wow.