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Vick Still Adjusting to Birds' Game Plan



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    Vick hasn't had many chances to let the ball fly so far this season.

    With all the hoopla, controversy and expectation upon Michael Vick’s arrival in Philadelphia, his impact on the field so far was minimal. To be fair, the Eagles haven’t really needed his help.

    The Eagles are coming off of two decisive blowouts of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. During the Tampa Bay blow out Vick got the chance to play under center during garbage time.

    He completed one of three passes for one yard and ran 11 yards on a scramble. During non-garbage time so far this season, Vick has had two incomplete passes, one carry for seven yards, no catches and ten hand-offs. 

    Not exactly the stuff of a three-time Pro-bowler. But for someone who hasn’t played in two years and served 18 months in prison for his role in an illegal dog fighting operation, it’s understandable.

    As the opponents get tougher however, the challenge for both Vick and the Eagles will be how he is utilized.

    “It all depends on the flow of the game, the field position and other things,” said Vick. “I’m just ready whenever my number gets called.”

    Eagles starting QB Donovan McNabb was confident that greater things are in store.

    “You don’t want to show your hand every time you play,” said McNabb. “As the season continues on, we’ll throw some different wrinkles in there and see how it goes.”

    With upcoming games against Oakland (1-4) and Washington (2-3) it’s unlikely that the Eagles would stray much from their winning game plan. They may need to switch things up however, when they face the currently undefeated Giants (5-0) on November 1. Time will tell what role Vick will play in those plans.

    “If we like it one week, we use it,” said head coach Andy Reid. “If it fits right, we’ll wear it."