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The Power of Postive Thinking

Omar Minaya accentuates the positive



    The Power of Postive Thinking
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    Three starters staying in Florida so their bodies can mend. A starting rotation that looks slightly less flammable than a barbeque doused in kerosene, grain alcohol and nitroglycerine. A closer off to Venezuela to deal with a family accident days before the season begins.

    If you were the man whose employment rested on the future of a team dealing with those kinds of obstacles, you might grab the closest bottle of bourbon and pull the covers over your head until October. That's not Omar Minaya's approach

    "I am optimistic that we’re going to be healthy. I’m optimistic that we are going to compete. I am optimistic about some of our young players. I think what stands out about this camp is that some of our young players have come to the front. I think that’s exciting for the fan base in New York." 

    It's almost a kneejerk reaction to poke fun at Minaya's cluelessness, but that's the wrong response to this particular comment. It's the Friday before Opening Day and that's a time for boundless optimism, a time to believe that all of the pieces are going to fall into place and make for a memorable season full of great moments for the franchise and its fans. If you can't dream big on Opening Day, there's something wrong with you, not with Minaya.

    This is the time to put aside the thoughts about how Jenrry Mejia should be in the minors and hope to see him capture the imagination the way Joba Chamberlain did when he hit the eighth inning in 2007. This is the time to believe that Mike Pelfrey will put it all together and become the reliable starter the Mets so desperately need. This is a time for optimists, because there's going to be plenty of time for everything else if things don't break the right way over the next few months.

    Anyone who has been paying attention has to have serious doubts about those breaks going the way of the Amazins, including Minaya, but what's the point of expecting the worst when there are still 162 games to play? Choose optimism and let the chips fall where they may.

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