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The Mets Offense Thought They Had the Day Off

Bad sixth inning spells end of Mets winning streak



    The Mets Offense Thought They Had the Day Off
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    Try using that wooden thing in your hand to hit the ball next time.

    The day started with the news that Jose Reyes would be out for the next couple of weeks and it ended with a reminder of just how much that hurts the Mets.

    Clayton Kershaw held the Mets to just five hits over eight shutout innings, striking out nine and generally dominating the proceedings from the start of business. For a good chunk of the game it felt like this loss would be particularly brutal, but Dillon Gee decided to make sure the pain wouldn't be particularly acute.

    Gee held the Dodgers to just one run in the first five innings and that run scored on a blown call by Greg Gibson at home plate. Ronny Paulino clearly tagged Juan Uribe before he scored on a flyout by Aaron Miles, but Gibson, who also blew a call at first base on Wednesday night, called Uribe safe.

    If the game ended 1-0, it would be the kind of loss that made bile creep up the back of your throat and caused Gibson's name to be cursed to the heavens around every Met household. It seems that Gee isn't the kind of guy who likes to forment such negativity, though, because he did his best to take the umpire off the hook.

    For the second straight start, Gee came apart in the sixth inning and let a close game turn into a laugher. On Saturday it was a Curtis Granderson homer and a Robinson Cano triple that led to Gee's demise while Thursday night brought three doubles and the final five runs of a 6-0 Dodgers win.

    Gee has been successful enough in those two losses that you can't really argue that he's lost the touch he showed during his eight straight wins to open the season. The lack of stamina is a concern, however, so let's hope that a little extra time off next week fosters better results for the rookie.

    As for the offense, they better not be on an early All-Star break. Kershaw demolished them and now they have to face three All-Stars in a row in San Francisco.

    Reyes won't be in the lineup so someone else will have to take the fight to Ryan Vogelsong, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain or that four game winning streak will wind up meaning about as much to the Mets season as the latest Harry Potter flick.

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