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The Mets Have a Decision to Make

Oliver Perez still refuses to make life easy for the Mets



    The Mets Have a Decision to Make

    If history holds, we'll be waxing rhapsodic about the Mets at this time next week.

    Their next six games are at Citi Field and homestands have been awfully kind to the Amazins so far this season. This being the Mets, however, returning home isn't all hugs and smiles.

    The Oliver Perez situation is rearing its hideous head again. Jon Niese is ready to return from the disabled list to start on Saturday against the Marlins, which means the Mets have to make a roster move to clear space for him. They'd like to send Perez to the minors, but Perez hasn't shown any sign of changing his theme music from Amy Winehouse and that means they'll need to find another pitcher to shuffle off to Buffalo.

    That's his right and it is up to the Mets to figure out a way to get him off the roster if he continues to exercise that right. If they don't choose to release him and farm out someone else, though, they're probably going to have to start using him as a reliever.

    Fernando Nieve has been overworked and is underperforming. Raul Valdes is so ineffective that it's a wonder he isn't an idea that BP came up with at their last board meeting. Ryota Igarashi hasn't pitched well since returning from the DL; Elmer Dessens is Elmer Dessens and Jennry Mejia still isn't trusted in high leverage situations. That leaves Pedro Feliciano and Francisco Rodriguez, who are two good pitchers but not enough to handle every relief need that will arise in Queens. 

    The smartest move would be to move Mejia to Buffalo, let him work on starting and then call him back up when the spell R.A. Dickey cast on the National League inevitably wears off. That probably means there's no chance it is Mejia but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

    And, to think, all of this could have been avoided if Duaner Sanchezjust ordered room service four years ago. That's not true, of course, since Sanchez wasn't the one who re-signed Perez, but, when in doubt, always blame the cabbie. The car accident that injured Sanchez led to a trade with Pittsburgh that gave Perez a chance to shine in the 2006 playoffs and helped bring us to the point we're at today.

    That concludes Friday's installment of great moments in Mets history! Tune in next time when we recall the Tom Glavine era in all its glory.

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