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The Mets Grab a Winning Record in High Style

The Mets end grand slam-less streak twice in one night.



    The Mets Grab a Winning Record in High Style
    It's remarkable that the Mets remember how to celebrate a grand slam.

    The bad news is that the Mets have now gone four innings without hitting a grand slam.

    The good news? Where do we begin?

    Grand slams seem like as good a place as any to kick things off. The Mets entered Tuesday night's game with the Tigers having played 299 straight games without hitting a home run with the bases loaded.

    They allowed 18 grannies during that same period, a disparity that seemed to encapsulate so much of the futility and the frustration of the last two years of Mets baseball. It would come up every time the Mets loaded the bases and that meant every at-bat, even the ones that brought home runs, wound up resulting in at least a little failure.

    That ended in the fourth inning on Tuesday night and, naturally, it ended with the guy whose name has become a synonym for epic failure during his two years in a Mets uniform.

    Jason Bay lifted a ball down the left field line, the streak died and everyone watching the game looked out their windows to make sure that there were no unidentified porcine objects soaring through the air.

    When Carlos Beltran hit another grand slam an inning later, you either laughed yourself hoarse or started hoarding bottled water after pinching yourself to make sure this wasn't some kind of fevered dream. It made so little sense and was so wildly out of character that either reaction was totally justified.

    The mind-boggling home runs didn't end there. Josh Thole hit his first home run of the season just before Bay's blast, a feat that's almost harder to believe than two grand slams in the same game.

    Thankfully, Jose Reyes was there to remind us this was all actually happening. He had four hits, missing only a home run for a cycle, and became the first Met with four hits in back-to-back games since a fella named Reyes did it in 2006.

    The 14-3 win was missing only one thing, but we'll just have to wait a little bit longer for that first Mets no-hitter. Two grand slams, Reyes being Reyes and finally crossing the .500 mark will have to do for one night.

    Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City. You can follow him on Twitter and he is also a contributor to Pro Football Talk.