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The Least Significant Question of Giants Camp

It doesn't matter which running back is in on the first play



    The Least Significant Question of Giants Camp
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    Football training camps have a very specific rhythm. Until the teams start playing exhibition games, which provide something tangible to talk about, there is a daily hunt for stories that often wind up leading many reporters to the same position battle, up-and-coming star, comeback story or combination of those three topics.

    That's the case at Giants camp where everyone is talkingabout the battle between Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs for the starting tailback job. Some agitate for Bradshaw ascending to the top spot while others cast their lots with Jacobs getting a chance to prove he's healthy after blaming his subpar 2009 season on injury. A big deal is made of the fact that Bradshaw gets the first carry at most practices and a bigger one that Jacobs got the call for the first carry durin Monday night's workout.

    All of this adds up to... absolutely nothing.

    There isn't one spot up for grabs between these two guys. Both of them are going to make the team, both of them are going to get plenty of touches and the only people who should care which one is in the starting lineup are the guys who make the graphics for network television. 

    This is a debate for fantasy football players and fantasy football players only. The Giants are best served by running plays for both backs based on the specific offensive needs on every snap of the game. It might serve to limit the chances that either player puts up eye-popping statistics but that's not actually a problem for the Giants. It could be a problem for one of the two running backs but Jacobs isn't sweating the fact that Bradshaw might be in the driver's seat for the starting job.

    "I have no idea. I don't know the reason, I really don't know anything about it. I'm just out here to try and help us win. That's about it. No matter who gets the first carry or what. I'm still there and I'm not dead, so we still have a chance to win it."

    The Giants need to worry about improving their running game this season, not about the name on the back of the jersey of the guy who touches the ball first.

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