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The Joy of Six for the Mets

Another night, another win for the surging Mets



    The Joy of Six for the Mets
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    Surely the strangest development of this 2010 baseball season is that the correct response to the sixth Mets victory in a row, 8-4 over the Indians, is that it is boring. 

    Not unenjoyable nor undeserved just kind of a yawner. That's remarkable given the fact that there have been more than a few moments this season when it seemed like the Mets might not win another game at all. Now the wins come so frequently and, on this road trip at least, with so little sweat that it feels about as exciting as the third hour of the latest Michael Bay film. 

    The formula on Wednesday was the predictable one. David Wright drove in two runs during a four-run third inning rally, Angel Pagan continued to make the Carlos Beltran watch feel more like a bad thing than a good thing and the opposition did their best to play good hosts by making the kinds of mistakes that drive Little League managers crazy. Indians skipper Manny Acta managed the Nationals when they used to make those kinds of mistakes, which makes you wonder if he's really been a victim of having bad teams around him.

    As for the pitching, Jon Niese wasn't as good as he was in his last outing but he was solid and, befitting the bland new world, unspectacular in earning his third straight win since coming off the disabled list. The Mets are 9-1 overall since that date, the same day that Oliver Perez was finally sent packing and if you think that's a coincidence then you just haven't been paying attention.

    The only blemish on the evening was an outing by Jennry Mejia that saw him walk both batters he faced. It's the type of thing that would have gotten the blood boiling if it weren't just as yawn-inducing as the rest of the proceedings. Mejia was yanked before he could do any real damage in an 8-3 game and it's long ago been established that there's not one good reason why this kid should be in the big leagues instead of honing his craft at a lower level.

    It's kind of nice to have one thing hanging around to remind everyone that these are, in fact, the same maddening Mets of earlier this season. Not as nice as winning, of course, but why not eat your cake and have it too?

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