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The Derek Jeter Negotiations Are Getting to Brian Cashman

Cashman will rappel down the side of a building while dressed like an elf



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    Brian Cashman

    File this story under "The Yankees will do anything they can to convince Santa Claus to leave Cliff Lee under their Christmas tree."

    Brian Cashman will be the guest of honor at Stamford, Connecticut's Heights and Lights event this Sunday night. It's not a testimonial dinner, however, nor is he there just to flip the switch to turn on the lights for the town's Christmas display. That might work for Sandy Alderson or Theo Epstein, but the general manager of the Yankees has to kick things up a notch.

    Cashman will be playing the role of celebrity elf as he joins Santa Claus for a 22-story rappel down the Landmark Building. And here we thought George Costanza was no longer part of the organization's brain trust.

    It seems Cashman, who lives in nearby Darien, is a big fan of the annual event and let the organizers know that he'd be eager to take part this year. Not surprisingly, they took him up on the offer and will send him over the side of the building Sunday after a Friday rehearsal.

    That leaves only one question: Will Cashman actually be dressed like an elf?

    "This is going to be a surprise for all," Sandy Goldstein, director of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District said. "Will he be an elf in Yankee clothing or a Yankee in elf clothing? You've got to come Sunday night to find out."

    Speaking for everyone who will be scouring the web for pictures of the event on Sunday night, it really doesn't matter so long as the shoes and ears are pointy. Everything else is just gravy at that point.

    If Cashman really wanted to turn up the heat on the Derek Jeter negotiations, he could send a copy of the tape from Sunday to the shortstop and agent Casey Close with a note explaining that it isn't that hard to find ways to leverage your marketing potential when you're a member of the New York Yankees.

    Yes, Derek, there is a Santa Claus and you can climb down a building with him.