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Jason Bay Returns From the Sideways World

Bay's big weekend gives Mets a Subway Series win



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    We're going to start this off with a little spoiler alert for anyone who didn't see but plans to watch the final episode of "Lost." We appreciate your interest in Jason Bay, but there's just too exact a parallel between Bay and the island dwellers to ignore given the way things went on Sunday night. 

    On "Lost," the characters from the island were all shuffled off to a sideways world during the final season. The nature of this world was hotly debated and we finally learned that it was some kind of afterlife or limbo that the characters went to after they died. They were unaware of their island life until they came into contact with a true love to awaken their memories of days gone by, but when they did wake up all the memories rushed back and we reached our happy conclusion. 

    Jason Bay knows from sideways worlds. Bay has stumbled through his first two months as a Met looking nothing like the player they thought they'd signed this offseason. He had one home run through Friday night, a slugging percentage fit for a reserve middle infielder and seemingly no memory of the player that he was with Boston. He looked like the same guy and did the same job, but there were awfully few reminders of the man he was before coming to Queens.

    That ended this weekend and, strangely enough, that positions the Yankees as the true love of Bay's life.

    Bay battered the Yankees in 2009 and their arrival at Citi Field awakened the sleeping beast within. Bay had hits in his last seven at-bats of the series, the last six of which came as the Mets won on Saturday and Sunday night to escape with a series win. Bay doubled twice and hit two home runs off of CC Sabathia on Sunday, back breaking shots that served to wake up everyone with a reminder of why Bay was on the Mets in the first place. He lifted his OPS nearly 100 points on Saturday and Sunday, an indication of both how poorly he was playing and how well he played in those two games.  

    It was a long overdue and extremely satisfying performance. Depending on the depths of your desire to understand what polar bears were doing on a tropical island, it might have been even more satisfying than the big finale episode. 

    For the Mets' sake, let's just hope this doesn't mean Bay is actually dead because it is hard to justify five-year contracts for zombies. And, more seriously, let's hope this wasn't just a blip on the screen. The Mets lineup looks a lot more impressive when the number three hitter is capable of doing some damage.

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