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Shot Calling: LeBron Will Be a Knick!



    Shot Calling: LeBron Will Be a Knick!
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    LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacts a after being fouled and making the shot while playing the Chicago Bulls in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2010 NBA Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena on April 27, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Lebron will be a Knick!

    It's all clear to me now. At 9 p.m. tomorrow, in a hokey, made for TV event, Lebron James will formally announce his candidacy for "superstar" in the Empire State. It has to happen. It makes too much sense not to happen. Knicks fans -- it can't happen unless you believe it will happen!

    Butch "Dwyane Wade" Cassidy is returning to Miami. Chris "Sundance Kid" Bosh is going with him. So that means The Heat could be a force to be reckoned with next season. Boston re-signed Paul Pierce. The Magic still have Dwight Howard. So Lebron needs to bring a sidekick to Cleveland or go play with one elsewhere. The second scenario is becoming more appealing by the moment.

    Hey Lebron -- "That's rarefieduot; is here, now, today! You wanted him to join you in Cleveland last February. Well, now is your chance to ride roughshod with him in early November -- just off The Great White Way.

    Plus, if you want go from Icon to Legend or should it be Legend to Icon, New York is the only place to do it. It's the sports capital of the world. It's the entertainment capital. It's the financial capitol. Heck, it's the marketing capital...need I say more, Mr. Nike!

    The King is a star now. But he has no NBA Championships. He needs some to join Kobe or to ever touch Jordan's rarified air. New York might get him there in the next few years. Amar'e This teamre is here. Carmelo is coming next year. Maybe, they squeeze in Mike Miller. Perhaps, they trade for Tony Parker. Thisteam will get good fast.

    And it will be your team, Lebron! You will have done it on your own terms.

    If you go to Miami, with two other superstars -- what will that prove? It will be the Globetrotters against Red Clotz and The Washington Generals. It won't be D-Wadejoining DWade's club in South Beach.
    Two of the "Mike's" I trust most, think the King's Court will be Madison Square Garden for the 2010-11 season!

    Michael Beck, my son says it's a no brainer. And this kid knows sports.

    And one of my WNBC Sports producers, the cynical Michael "Hilzy" Hilzenrath, thinks the two-time MVP is just plain tired of Lake Erie. And that it's time to end the recruiting shenanigans.

    I agree with them! I think it's time for a new chapter in the life of the biggest free-agent catch in sports history.

    Tomorrow, Lebron finally goes to college and pulls out of the hat the name of his next team. We know it's not Duke or North Carolina.
    There is a small chance, he picks New Jersey and a slightly bigger chance, he blows into the Windy City.

    But let's face it -- it all comes down to Cleveland and New York -- The Cavaliers and The Knicks.

    As the fans say "go New York, go New York, go."

    I say, it's time!