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Sean Avery Makes a Pass at Mark Sanchez's Girl

Hilary Rhoda may be Sanchez's first fumble



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    Avery finds that chicks dig the Hanson Brothers glasses.

    Sean Avery, Mark Sanchez and the model Hilary Rhoda all have experience in the magazine world. Avery famously interned for Vogue last summer, which has provided him entry into a fashion scene usually out of reach to hockey players. Rhoda is a model which led her to a GQ photo shoot with Sanchez where, if reports were accurate, the two kids did more than just pose together.

    Sanchez has been busy with his job of late, and negotiating a massive contract to boot, which may have left Rhoda with time on her hands. Being a model, she's in that fashiony scene that Avery inhabits with regularity now that the Rangers season is over. They met somewhere because they were reportedly getting awfully friendly at a bar in Murray Hill.

    "They were doing shots of Jack Daniels and Patron, and she had her hands on his arm as they canoodled at the corner of the bar," a source told Page Six. "Sanchez was nowhere to be found."

    At least Sanchez has Boomer Esiason to keep him warm at night.

    Sanchez took a lot of ribbing from his teammates for the initial photo shoot, although a good bit of that was probably mitigated by coming home with Rhoda on his arm. Losing her to a guy who is leading the shorts suit revolution will probably ratchet things back up, however.  

    As for Avery, this is a big surprise. What with all his lectures about "sloppy seconds," you'd never guess he'd go this route for companionship.

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