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3 Phillies World Series Rings Stolen From CBP During NLDS

A man allegedly took three rings from the Phillies front office. And, no the guy wasn't Adam Eaton.



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    Three Philadelphia Phillies World Series scout rings were stolen from the Phillies front office Thursday.

    Dumb criminal alert -- a Phillies fan who called himself "Rockie Killer" allegedly swiped three World Series rings from Citizens Bank Park Thursday afternoon right after he gave team personnel all his contact info.

    Matthew Mervine of Berlin, N.J. was part of a group that was tossed out of Game 2 for being too rowdy, according to Philadelphia Police. The 22-year-old wanted to file a complaint against the Phillies. Around 5 p.m. he was lead to the front offices to file papers.

    This is where the whole thing gets bizarre.

    While he was in the front office, he filled out a job application that included his home address and phone number. Why not? It would seem totally reasonable that the Phillies would want to hire someone who was just kicked out of a playoff game for being rowdy.

    Mervine, a.k.a. "Rockie Killer," was wearing a mask during the game and his photo was snapped by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    While Mervine was at a reception in the front office, he put his mask and a rally towel down on a desk. When he picked up his items he also allegedly grabbed a sealed yellow envelope that had the name of a former player written on it. 

    Inside that envelope were three Phillies World Series rings -- the rings weren't the same type that the players received but each was still valued around $1,100.

    After Mervine allegedly picked up his goodies (along with the envelope) he walked right out of the ballpark and got into a car with some of the other ejected fans before Phillies officials realized what happened, per sources.

    The tough part for Mervine was that the entire incident was reportedly caught on surveillance tape.

    Police were alerted to Mervine's alleged deeds and his hometown Berlin Borough Police arrested Mervine at his home around 1:30 a.m. Friday. Police were able to recover all three rings.

    It was unclear when Berlin PD would return Mervine to Philly where he will face theft charges.

    Bonnie Clark, Phillies Vice President of Communications issued the following statement regarding the rings:

    “The Phillies wish to thank the Philadelphia Police Department for the swift recovery of three stolen World Series Organizational Rings. Thanks to their fine work the rings will be delivered to their rightful owners.”

    This is the second time this season that World Series rings went missing. Back in September a janitor was charged with stealing a ring that Phillies Director of Publicity John Brazer had left in a bathroom.

    You would think that the Phillies people would try to do a better job to protect their jewels.